Mushrooms on the feet. How to treat

Foot fungus can affect anyone who has feet. Even if this is the cleanest person, obsessed with hygiene procedures.foot fungusWhy does foot fungus appear and how to deal with this disgusting unpleasant phenomenon?

How does foot fungus develop?

Even if a person washes their feet constantly and regularly, they cannot wash all the bacteria from them. They just get smaller, but they do not disappear at all. And they multiply very, very quickly, as soon as a person steps on the floor, puts on slippers, or - even more favorable to bacteria - shoes, boots or sneakers.

In a warm and humid environment, especially if your feet are sweating, the fungus is just stretching. If such an environment coincides with the inflammatory process in the body, poor resistance to infections or excessive sweating of the feet - write it all down. The mushrooms are there.

Symptoms of foot fungus

Affects the area between the toes, on the nails, on the soles of the feet and the upper part of the foot remains intact. If the fungus already has a chronic stage, then the skin of the feet and other parts of the body is very dry, flakes, it has keratinized skin flakes, microcracks.

Along the border of the area where the fungus is located, a red inflamed band is clearly visible, behind which the skin is rough, dry and swaying.

If the fungus has not been treated for a long time, quite visible cracks appear on the skin behind the fungal area, which are extremely painful. If a bacterial infection is added to them, then severe leg pain appears, which puts a person in a hospital bed, as it is impossible to walk because of these pains.

Is the fungus transmitted from one person to another?

There is a widespread belief (and many believe in it) that the fungus is transmitted from person to person, that it can be infected. True, if a person has already gotten a fungus, it spreads very quickly all over the foot area.

To prevent the process from becoming painful and depriving a person of the ability to walk, it is necessary to start treating the fungus in the initial stage of the disease.

Who to contact?


How to treat acute fungus?

First of all, you need to put a sterile bandage on the foot, but not too tight. In the pharmacy, an infusion against fungi is sold - in the language of doctors, it is called antifungal, ie antifungal. With this infusion, you need to moisten the bandage and apply it to the affected area of the fungus.

This operation should be repeated each time as soon as the bandage is dry. When you see that the fungus has not covered the leg so intensely, its manifestations begin to subside, you should not stop antifungal wrappers. Otherwise, the manifestations of the fungus will return again. If there are cracks in the feet, you need to protect them from the penetration of pathogenic bacteria by bandaging the affected area.

During treatment, it is very important that the feet are not exposed to hot temperatures and water does not get on them - this contributes to an even greater spread of the fungus. Also, the surface of the feet should be dry and clean.

Alsoshte also needed to treat the foot, using vitamins, as well as taking antifungal (antifungal) agents. At the same time, you should not neglect the doctor's recommendations - he will advise you what funds are needed for treatment. A person can get sick with a fungus if he forgets to wipe his feet after bathing - a humid environment promotes rampant infections.

What can you wear on foot with a mushroom?

If a person, suffering from foot fungus, continues to work and the season is cold, it is worth collecting a few pairs of socks or sweaters (for women), a few pairs of socks (for men), which should be changed 3-4 times a day. This will prevent further spread of the infection. What the patient wears should be made of natural materials, including shoes.

Shoes should not be tight, not tight, comfortable - this will allow the foot to feel comfortable, and the skin should not sweat so often, multiplying bacteria and fungi.


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